Discovery Process


Discovery Phase

It's the start and most important point toward your online success, we just don't design you a website but a total online business solutions. In this first phase we get to know you and your business, your audience, your competition, your goals and what is and isn't working with what you currently do. Our goal is to drive success, and that requires a well thought-out strategy and a clear understanding of your objectives.

Design Phase

Once we know what we're getting into, the truly creative part starts. During the design phase we begin to explore the various ways of presenting your information and message. Design involves more than complimentary colors and engaging typography. It's about information and how best to get your message across to your audience. Once we determine what the content is going to be and in what format it should exist, we apply the appropriate look and feel for your market and your brand identity.

Development Phase

Once the final vision has surfaced from our creative sessions and the strategy for success is in place, it’s time to boot-up our Adobe applications and start producing some work. The development phase is typically straightforward as a direct result of the work done in the preceding phases. Creative designs are converted to optimized code and forms and questionnaires are produced to collect information from your audience. Tracking and measurement capabilities are implemented and all the fun features that make a site engaging and interactive are produced.


So now that your collateral has been produced and the website is designed and built, we're done, right? NO! Just because a site is built, doesn't mean we say 'have a nice day' and move on to the next gig. We have to measure the success of the site over the next few months.

To facilitate communication, we work by written quote. We'll meet with you in person if local, on the phone or via email, to discuss the details of the project, your budget, your time frame, and an in depth feel for your business. We will become your online sale force by simple tell us about your market, and the clients you want to attract.


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