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How Pay Per Click Works

If you do a search on Google or Yahoo!, and you will notice a different type of listing set around the organic results. The organic results are list on the left side in the center of the page.

The results list at the very top and on the right side are "sponsored results" these are pay-per-click ads that appear when people search using the keywords in the ads.

PPC advantages for online business:

  • Affordable.
  • Quick Results.
  • Control.
  • Target Area.
  • Ranking.

You only pay for results - It doesn't matter how many millions of people see your ad, you don't pay a cent until someone decides they want to know more about your product or services and click on your ad.
PPC ads show up immediately - You can drive traffic to your site right away.
Control - You can increase or decrease your monthly advertising campaign if you decide it's too expensive.
Target Area - Pay per click advertising is incredibly targeted; nobody click your ad unless they search on one of the keywords you've chosen.
Ranking - Where you want to appear in the rankings of those ads (if you want to be first, second and so on.

Google Adsense

The way Adsense works, Google moved the context from the search engine results page to your web site content. It reads your site and decides what keywords to use to display advertising on your site, just as it would with Google search.

The other search engines are a little different, but the concept is the same. Rather than selecting the keywords explicitly, you are selecting the ads based on what you think people who have visited your site will have an interest in seeing. When someone clicks on the ad, you get paid, pretty simple. This may not be the idea solutions most business sites.

Be sure to combine PPC and SEO, with this combination your target market will surely find you.

To facilitate communication, we work by written quote. We'll meet with you in person if local, on the phone or via email, to discuss the details of the project, your budget, your time frame, and an in depth feel for your business. We will become your online sale force by simple tell us about your market, and the clients you want to attract.


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