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Your New Partner For All Your Digital Marketing Needs!

Our job is to build custom website solutions for your business, with value. We'll design and developed your website around your brand, that will convert visitors into customers which means profits & new business relationships. So hire us for all your websites and web development needs, we'll give you value for your money.

WordPress Design

WordPress is an excellent website platform for a variety of websites.

Custom Website Designs

Custom website and eCommerce website to fit your needs.

Website Maintenance

Peace of mind that your site database and plugins are always up to date.

Website Redesign

Simplicity, faster-loading time, quality at a affordable price.

Trust to Build

We are reliable website experts that you can trust to build your website.

Divi Theme

We use Divi Theme as a framework for all our custom website designs.


Websites are marketing tools that generate traffic that turn visitor into potential sales.

Custom Website Design

User Experience

We design in the UX best practices to promote improving the quality of the user’s interaction with our custom design websites.



We have experience in a wide range of web design specialties that will give your project the results you're looking for.


Understanding Your Business

We will learn all about your business, and the type of visitors your website needs to attract. Your vision will play a big part in the design of your website and become the focus point to the project.



We communication with our customer throughout the entire project and after. We will be with you to answer question, to listen to your thoughts and ideas.

Maintenance Care Plan

Websites that are not updated regularly are a living, breathing nightmare, filled with growing file inconsistencies and potential code conflicts. Not updating your website plugins, and backup of site and database regularly, will leave your website open to crash, lockups resulting in a loss of content or data.

Visual Solutions Web Maintenance
Website Design

1 Month of Free Maintenance

With a New or Re-Design WordPress Website

Includes the following:

  • WordPress Core Upgrades.
  • Plugin Upgrades.
  • And More.

What Does it Cost?

Like building a house, the cost of a website and building a online business varies. We understand that every business owner likes to know the kind of investment required when taking their business online.

The cost can vary based on the complexity of the project, but there are always options and we will be more than happy to discuss ways to make this work for you.
Payment Structure: 50% Down, 30% When Design is Approved, and 20% After Launch or Before Going Live.

Never lose sight of the fact that website’s are marketing tools and online marketing is the engine that powers every business by generate sales and profits.

We also offer special discounts for non-profits, and special circumstances. You can find more information about various services and pricing options here.

Custom Website Design by Visual Solutions

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