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FAQs- Website
Why Visual Solutions?

We create Website and build business solutions. We will be there from the beginning to the end. We will not charge you for asking questions, by phone or email like some of our competitors. We will guide you thought out the process and answer all of your concerns.

What will we do?

We will listen to your dreams of what you want your site to look like and do. Then we will design and build your website as you planned.

How we do it?

Step 1 Planning: We will meet with you in person, by phone or email. We will listen to your needs for the website, your business needs, and the message you want to send to your customers.
Step 2 Design: Next we will go back and start on your wire frame layout and submit it to you along with artwork for your approval.
Step 3 Development: We will start coding your site.
Step 4 Launch: Next phase is to start testing and perform quality check of the site.
Step 5 Maintenance: you will get 1 months free on new or re-design WordPress website, and you will have a chance after that to purchase a web maintenance plan.

What it will cost?

A website is like building a house, the cost varies according what you what to add to the looks, foundation and function. We will give you a cost proposal before we begin. You can keep the cost down by having a real feel for what you want.

What if we want to make a change?

Small changes normally will not effect the proposal cost, major changes will add more to given proposal cost. You can keep the cost down, by having a real feel for what you want in the beginning.

What's next after the site is finish?

Once the site is finish and launch, if the site is new you will get 1 months of free maintenance WordPress only. After that you can purchase one of our maintenance plans.

Will my site work on mobile devices?

Yes, all our sites we design are mobile first, that is they are responsive to all desktop and mobile devices.

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